Being More: A True Guide Towards Leading Self by Author Naveen Raju

Being More: A True Guide Towards
 Leading Self
by Author Naveen Raju 

What have you accomplished in your life up to this date? Is it everything that you dreamed when you were a kid? It is everything that you desired when you first graduated high school? Or when you left college and started in the workforce? Or is this something left to be desired? Do you feel that your dreams have not gone the way you thought they once would. If you said yes to any of the previous questions, I commend you. The questions were asked not to condemn you but to make you remember what it was like to dream. What it was like before the responsibility of day to day life crept in. Those questions were asked to make you remember that there are still accomplishments to strive for.

Is life everything that you imagined in your earliest memories? Is it in the exact order that you wished that it would be? Not did things go wrong. Not if you lost a loved one. But did your life go as planned when you first decided what your career would be? Do you have the type of career or business that you wanted? Do you make as much money as you imaged? Since it’s just you and me here, you can answer honestly. I will give you a moment to think about it for a second…

That’s what I thought. This is why this book was written. This book is titled “Being More: A True Guide Towards Leading Self”. So what is being more? How do you lead yourself? More importantly how can this book help you in your day to day life? How can this book help with my business or in the workplace? Is this book solely directed at working class adults or can it be used for my child as well?

This book can help with the situations listed above and more. “Being More: A True Guide Towards Leading Self” has 12 chapters. This is not a coincidence. This book uses 12 points to help convey the message and core functions of self-improvement.

So why this book? There are hundreds of books directed towards lifestyle improvement. However in this changing world, the books you read 2 years ago are outdated. Most parts of the world are coming off of one of the greatest recessions since the depression. The after effects have most of us starting over in one way or another. That may mean you opened a business, got a new job or have simply gone back to school. We need a new way of thinking, a new form of motivation that inspires us in realizing our potential and take action to make full use of them. One that not just sounds good, but also has actionable steps that will allow us to improve ourselves in this ever changing world.

“Being More: A True Guide Towards Leading Self” does just that, if followed this book will change your life. The key is “if followed”. No book can help a reader if the person that buys a book, reads it from cover to cover and lets it sit on the bookcase. There is a verse from my favorite book that states “faith without works is dead” this holds true with this book. This book may not be the gospel but it provides actionable steps, which should be worked on. So if you are ready to change your life. Let’s get started! 

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