100 Ways to Conserve: Being People and Planet Friendly by Author David Baumgarten

100 Ways to Conserve: Being People and
 Planet Friendly
by Author David Baumgarten

Welcome to a world of conservation!

We have one planet that we live on. Just one. It has been known by many names that invoke us to care for it such as Mother Earth and globally there is a great rising care for this this dirt ball we live on. I call it Home.

Thank you for treating our Home well and your interest in learning and sharing 100 Ways to Conserve.

This book is filled with pages of practices to take on to save your cash.

Many ideas proposed here may already be known and practiced by you. Some may be new and fun to try. Either way, collectively we will be saving resources in water, power and materials, reducing smog and CO2 and, little by little, moving towards a healthy and conscious lifestyle together.

All of us are learning and at different stages of being able to contribute to our families and friends in this way. As we allow each other to contribute to our wisdom there are many opportunities to save money and our collective resources along the way.

I’d very much like to thank our whole team for their passion, wisdom, research and creativity along the way with a special thanks to Damon Borozny, Nakita Pope, David Bey, Clive Roux and Zach Harvey.

May this dirtball bring us around the sun in great peace and abundance for us all.

100 Ways to Conserve: Being People and Planet Friendly by Author David Baumgarten is available at Amazon.com.