Minecraft Diary: The Adventures of Slippery Skeleton by Builder Bob

Minecraft Diary: The Adventures of
Slippery Skeleton
by Builder Bob

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“Minecraft Diary of a wimpy skeleton, the adventures of slippery is a fast paced, feel good adventure that will teach you that we all possess something stronger than magic”

In this Minecraft Diary where monsters roam free and fighting is a way of life, it takes a brave and fierce clan of skeletons to keep their homeland safe, but when one skeleton chooses kindness over hate, his actions effects not only his homeland, but the entire world as we know it.

With danger around every corner, it’s up to Slippery the wimpy skeleton to not only survive, but make the Minecraft world a better place to live.

Wanting nothing more than to make his father, the clan leader proud and equipped with only a few clues and a worn out map, Slippery the wimpy skeleton uses every trick he knows, and with the help of his pet spider, they set out together in search of the powerful wizard who holds the answer that he has been searching for.

It takes a brave, strong and fierce warrior to complete a journey like this, but what happens when a certain skeleton isn’t up to the task?
In the diary of a wimpy skeleton, Slippery is different from all the other skeletons, he is not the strong warrior that his father wants, but very weak and wimpy.

Slippery feels that all creatures should learn to get along and be happy while the rest of his clan thinks that fighting is the answer for everything. In this book Slippery writes a Minecraft diary of his adventure to find the powerful wizard to make the Minecraft world get along no matter what clan you come from. This skeleton writes about all the dangers, road blocks, and friends he makes throughout his adventure. Some of the dangers include: angry creepers, mean rock creatures, zombies, enderman and even unfriendly pigs. All of these things come between Slippery and his ultimate goal.

It wasn’t his weapons that helped him, it was the friends he met during his adventure that gave him the strength he needed to get through the dangerous journey, and in the end, and they all learn a valuable lesson that friendship can be the fiercest weapon of them all.

The adventures of Slippery the skeleton teaches children that anger and violence isn’t the way to solve problems, but patience and kindness is the most powerful magic that can change everything.

Minecraft Diary: The Adventures of Slippery Skeleton by Builder Bob is available at Amazon.com.