Book Review – The Conversation: Your Guide to Transcendence by Jeff Cannon

Book Description:

The Conversation is less a dialogue as it is a transference. It answers so many of the questions anyone seeking has asked about life, death and the human experience.
Review by Sarah Holloway:

“The Conversation: Your Guide to Transcendence” by Author Jeff Cannon is a thought provoking and inspirational book that will linger in your thoughts well after you are done reading.  From start to finish you will be swept away as you delve into the well written beautiful prose that describes the author’s encounters or “conversations” with an entity he refers to as “Energy” that he came to know in his dreams while on the Greek island of Ithaca.  The enlightening conversation between the author and Energy fills the pages of this book with eye-opening wisdom and answered some of our greatest questions as human beings about life.   
Intriguing quotes can be taken from the book that are captivating and inspire further thought.  One of my favorites is:
“How you experience life and how you remember it is based on the energy you place on each event you live through. That is what forms it. It is why some people live a lifetime in a single breath and why others spend an eternity breathing without ever experiencing what life truly is.”
“The Conversation: Your Guide to Transcendence” is an amazing book that serves as a reminder that we don’t know everything and there is still so much to learn.  It leaves the reader with much to ponder.

Five stars …I highly recommend this inspirational read!
About the Author:
Jeff Cannon is a Modern American Monk. He is the author of numerous books on meditation, spirituality and wellness. He is a member of NYU Medical Center’s Patient Advisory Council as well as a contributor to Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen and countless other websites.
Jeff completed his third book while recovering from his 8th brain surgery. Collectively his surgeries removed more than 20 brain tumors in as many years. His first surgery, in 1992, used a hand-drill. His most devastating surgery removed six brain tumors in 2009. His latest surgery lasted 14 hours, after which he could not see, speak or walk.
Jeff has watched his brain reboot itself again and again, giving Jeff a first-hand view into the evolution of neuroscience. It also stirred him to dedicate his life to develop Modern Meditation by integrating Western Science and Eastern Philosophy in a way that makes sense for the modern world.
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