Guest Post: The Conversation on Life, Death & The Human Experience

By Jeff Cannon – Author of The Conversation:  Your Guide to Transcendence

Jeff Cannon started writing The Conversation after experiencing a series of Lucid Dreams on the island of Ithaca.  These dreams opened him up to an ongoing conversation with what he describes as a native intelligence.  A point of energy that has moved beyond the human experience.  In that moment he experienced a point of enlightenment that carries to today.

Jeff finished this book in New York City while recovering from his 8th brain surgery – a 14 hour surgery that left him unable to see, speak or walk.  It was during this time that he began to experience recurrences, with each dream maintaining a dialogue, a conversation.

Within each dream, many of his questions were answered about the nature of Life, Death and the meaning to the Human Experience we are all a part of.  It confirmed much of what he already suspected about Science and Spirituality, God and Evolution, Physics and Metaphysics, and the transcendence of the Human toward the Divine.

It is an inspired story of growth, self-actualization, and transcendence that will change your life.
This is just some of what he learned:

1. We Are Simply Energy
In fact, the energy that we are exist in a sea of energy that flows all around us and through us.  There are many dimensions that exist.  Each provides our consciousness with a very different perspective from which to view reality.  The Human Experience we are in is just one of them.  It is when you learn to see beyond our five senses, that you begin to see reality as it is.

2.  Everything Moves In Circles
Look around.  Galaxies spin, planets orbit, ties ebb and flow, life itself moves in a never-ending circle of birth, life, death and rebirth. You can never break this cycle, but you can evolve beyond it.

3. Death and Judgment are Human Constructs
There is no death of your spirit.  When the human body has done its job, your spirit is freed from the impurities you think are real. There is no judgment here, there is no book of deeds to be measured against.  There is only your spirit leaving your body with the Love and the experiences it has gained while on earth.  Everything else is burned away and left behind, so that you can soar free.

4. Your Task Is To Love
Your only task while on earth and in the Human Experience is to Love.  Every time you overcome hate and anger is a step toward your own transcendence.  The reason your spirit chose to experience humanity and to gain a new perspective on Love and existence.

5.  The Energy of Love
The sea of energy that we all exist in is the sea of Love that we all feel around us every day.  When you open ourselves up to it, when you learn not to close down, you will have a direct channel to the energy you want.

We have all felt the energy of a room, or the energy of those around us, good or bad.  It is real.  It is there.  You simply need to learn to stop yourself from closing down, so that you can remain open to all that is.  Learn to do that, and you will bask in your own everlasting light.

About the Author:
Jeff Cannon is a Modern American Monk.  He is a Meditation teacher, an author and the founder of The Simple Truth Project.  He is also a tremendous believer in meditation, neuroscience and the power of the mind to change our lives by changing our brains.  It is a concept that he wrote about in The Simple Truth: Meditation for the Modern World, and that he continues to write on in his blog and on leading websites.

Jeff completed this, his third book, while recovering from his 8th brain surgery.  Collectively, these surgeries have removed more than 20 tumors from his brain in as many years.  They have given him a very unique, first hand view into the mechanics of the brain and the evolution of neuroscience.  They have also stirred him to dedicate his life to bring Western Science and Eastern Philosophy together in a way that makes sense for the modern world.

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