Book Spotlight: The Divine Manual: A Holistic Approach to Raise Your Consciousness, Resolve Your Karma and Fulfill Your Life Missions by Dr. Wallace Ching

The Divine Manual presents an innovative approach that unifies various branches of New Age theories, practices, and various energy healing modalities into an integrated framework. Novice or intermediate readers eager to transform their lives can follow these step-by-step instructions and discover their own path to awakening by resolving their Past Life Karma, cleansing their emotional scars accumulated in the present life, and aligning the directions of their lives with their Divine Paths.

If you have experienced the following in your life, the techniques presented in this book should be able to help you. For instance, if you feel stuck at your current job but do not know if changing your career is a good decision;

  • have been out of a job for a long time and do not know what to do;
  • work hard for most of your life but still cannot accumulate enough;
  • always feel that making money is difficult;
  • keep experiencing ups and downs in your personal fortunes;
  • have difficulties with your boss, coworkers, or people in general;
  • have constant fights with your spouse/romantic partner;
  • get stuck in a relationship and do not know if you should walk out from it or let it drag on;
  • have not had a romantic partner for a long time;
  • get injured or chronically ill;
  • have loved ones who are seriously or terminally ill; or
  • become seriously or terminally ill and feel scared to face your possible death,
  • then you may find the information in this book useful.
  • Or if you are already an avid New Age follower, you may still have experienced confusion when trying to find answers from the myriad of New Age literature and teachings in the market.

For instance, you may have the following questions:

Staying in the Now/Presence and connected to the Higher Consciousness is important, but what about our Karma and Life Missions? Should we worry about those ?

Which meditation method is better? Should we just “empty” our thoughts, or should we practice specific energy and visualization-based meditation?
Should we wholly adopt the Principle of Surrender and accept everything that happens to us, or should we practice the Law of Attraction manifestation techniques and try to change our lives for the better?

Studying our past lives through past life regression seem fascinating, but what do we do with it?

Should we just focus on developing the upper three chakras for receiving Divine guidance, or should we focus inward into our bodies for a more grounded earthly experience?

How does our human sexuality tie in with all of this?

What about angels and spirit guides? Should we pray for their help, or should we affect any changes from our internal selves through our own efforts?

In this book, Dr. Ching shares what he has learned after sieving through the maze and picking what works and what does not from the myriad of techniques. He explains how to reconcile these techniques and fit them together into a holistic approach.

He has mapped out a path and put together an integrated framework that you can follow step by step at your own pace.

Once you are on your Divine Path, you will discover a path of least resistance laid out before you. All the Life Challenges will either mellow or even disappear. You can then focus on sailing through your life journey with joy, peace, and blissfulness.

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“I enjoyed this book tremendously. As an individual who wants to live my best life, mitigate strife and aim for a peaceful, productive, beautiful life, I’ve turned to Buddhist philosophies, meditation, yoga and all manner of practices to develop a more meaningful existence. I am sometimes overwhelmed by the at-times fuzzy explanations provided in some guides on spirituality. This book broke out concepts into simple explanations I could easily grasp. The background information provided by the author educated me on the philosophy and benefit using meditation and past life karma-healing and several ways to incorporate Law of Attraction into my life. I put this book down after reading it in one sitting, feeling encouraged, motivated and excited to start my new hopeful life, knowing full well I will go back and nibble on its wealth for many years to come.

This gem of a book will have you convinced of the need for raising your consciousness and resolving your karma in order discover and live out your life’s purpose. I appreciated the author’s focus on retelling his own story for illustrative purposes and it’s a real testament to the concepts he teaches here. Thank you for an excellent, engaging, well-written book that has definitely added value to my life, Dr. Ching!” — M.L., Amazon Reviews

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