Interview with George A. Bernstein, Author of "Death’s Angel"

Reading and Writing Addiction was able to catch up with George A. Bernstein, Author of “Death’s Angel” for an interview. We are excited to share this interesting interview today with our readers.

RAWA:  Tell us about your latest novel.

GB: The 2nd serial killer in less than a year is prowling the streets of Miami,

Author George A. Bernstein

killing off some of South Florida’s most beautiful young women. Crack homicide Detective Al Warner is back on The Job, fully recovered from a bullet wound received during a deadly encounter with another madman.

Warner is in the best shape of his life, but his days are laced with headaches and his sleep fraught with terrifying dreams. Lack of rest clouds his usually laser-sharp mind but doesn’t slow his single-minded hunt for this new killer. He learns the killer calls himself  “Angel de Dios”… the Angel of God… but as more beauties die, and he has no new leads as to this deadly “angel’s” real identity. Then Warner’s love, Sharon Clark, becomes a target for this mad man, and Warner must stop him before she is his 8th victim. Only chance again brings them all together in one final deadly dance of terror.

RAWA: Where did the idea come from to write “Death’s Angel”?

GB: After completing my 2nd suspense novel, “a 3rd Time to Die,” I decided I wanted to begin a series, and a detective seemed logical. I wanted my guy to be different from the plethora of hotshot cops, so I gave him PTSD from the previous serial killer, and a complicated romance. Once I decided on the basic plot line, I had to envision my characters, recording their physical and personality characteristics, each on their own 4 x 6 card. Two friends of mine, both retired detectives in south FL, gave me lots of input on procedures and attitudes of cops, which were a great help. I also found a publication on Google of a symposium for members of the FBI’s BAU regarding serial killers, which was a great help in getting details right.

RAWA: Give us an insight into your main character(s). Why is he/she such an important part of the story?

GB: Al Warner is a hard-nosed, honest cop with a surprisingly compassionate nature. He’s a relentless pursuer of evil, while finding time to rescue an injured dog, help an invalid neighbor, and establish a boot camp with fellow cops in an attempt to rehabilitate troubled kids. He is still haunted by his last case, another elusive serial killer of young teens, whom he happened upon by chance. That resulted in a deadly shootout, where Warner received a glancing bullet off his skull as he managed to squeeze off 2 shots that killed that madman. While physically recovered, that case, and the bullet wound, left him with horrific nightmares and fractured sleep. In the midst of this, he’s struggling to save an unlikely romance with a classy Public Defender, Sharon Clark. Somehow, he has to manage all this will seeking out this latest lunatic.

RAWA: Where does the story take place and why did you choose this setting for the novel?

GB: The novel takes place in the Tri-County area of southeast Florida, mainly centered in Miami-Dade. My first two novels, “Trapped” and “A 3rd Time to Die,” are centered in north suburban Chicago, where I previously lived. It was time to begin writing about my current home area. While I live in Palm Beach County, I felt the story would fit the Miami area better.

RAWA: What was the hardest thing about writing “Death’s Angel”?

GB: Probably getting the publicity I feel it deserves. The actual writing seems to come fairly easily. I create a detailed outline for every novel I write, including characters and series of scenes, but once I begin writing, the characters seem to take over the narrative, leading me into unexpected areas. New participants come to life, and new problems arise for my characters. This always leads to a deepening of the plot and an expansion of personalities. Sometimes I surprise (happily) myself.

RAWA: Is “Death’s Angel” part of a series? If so, tell us a little about the series.  If not, would you consider creating a series from this novel and what are your thoughts on writing a series.

GB: Yes. I’ve already completed and begun editing the 2nd of the Warner series, tentatively titled “Officially Inactive.” I have plot ideas on three others, with two partially written. I’m really enjoying further development of his character.

RAWA: If “Death’s Angel” were made into a movie which actor/actress would you like to see playing the lead character(s).

GB: My first thought for Warner was Viggo Mortenson (don’t ask me why), but he seems a bit old. Matthew McConoughy might be good, and he’s about the right age.

For Sharon Clark, Scarlett Johannson comes to mind, even though she’s not blonde. Another might be Jennifer Lawrence, who may be an even better fit… and she IS blonde!

Angie Dedios could be played by any masculine 6′ guy, as he’s a shadowy figure, who’s face is never clearly revealed until the final scene.

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