Featured Book: Gift of Gamman By Stan I.S. Law

Book Description:
A 243-year young astronaut and a beautiful lieutenant traverse the Void of Cosmos at 85% of the velocity of light. Extraordinary! And then they meet people advanced 150,000 years beyond the human race. You will laugh and you will cry, but most of all, you will be amazed. Perhaps, flabbergasted! It will stretch you imagination to outer limits, and beyond.
The next gigantic step in human evolution! As surprising as it is unexpected. Staggering! Incredible! This book has everything. Love, suspense, mystery, surprise, danger, enigmatic aliens, explanation of ancient myths, and much, much more…
Astounding prophecy of man’s future. It marries the vestiges of ancient knowledge, both human and alien, to free man from his perennial kindergarten. Even… to create life! A book to be read, and reread. I did! There seems no end to Stan Law’s inner/outer travels. In his book, the line between the physical and the metaphysical becomes strangely blurred. I think the point he’s making is that there is only one all-encompassing reality, but he leaves it to us to discover this fact on our own. (Marvin D. Clark, Montreal)
After reading this book, each time I go to sleep, I hope to wake up at the next step of our evolutionary scale. What an extraordinary marriage of physics and metaphysics! No religion, yet an antechamber of heaven on our doorstep. Extraordinary. Thanks, Mr. Law. (Bohdan Czytelnik, Poland)
Many a future has been predicted by a host of religious and sci-fi writers. But Stan Law, once again come up with the most original one I’ve read so far. Keep writing, Mr. Law! PS. John Galt is a classical hero, Beta Mulligan would be the son every parent would wish for, and Delta is absolutely out of this world! (Sylvester Drake, Smashwords)
I read it in four days. Hard to put down. 

Although we witness a high-speed chase still within the Solar System, with some extra-planetary air-to-air torpedoes wheezing by, this is not your usual Sci-fi—at least not as I know them. In sci-fi I’ve learned to expect monsters, fighting strange creatures, murder galore and mayhem. What a glorious change to have an accomplished author of Stan Law’s stature show us that none of these are necessary to give us a fast-paced, exciting adventure. It feels like going back to early Heinlein’s or Bradbury’s novels. Welcome to the realm of science-fiction Mr. Law. I hope there are many more to come. (Anetta Bach, Smashwords)
A strange malaise imbues most of the human race. People become more placid, more complacent. They develop a strange predisposition for endless slumber, which seems to drain them from any desire for constructive behavior. The human race is dying. 

Commander John Galt is given a slim chance to save humanity. Putting his life on the line, he ventures into the vastness of space, where he gains access to a reality that reaches beyond his wildest imagination. If he survives the mission, he might hold the key to human salvation. He might hold the Gift of Gamman. (Adam Kerry, Canada)
I read this in proof form. Now, I’ll read it again. It’s worth it. I took this from the description: “You will laugh and you will cry, but most of all, you will be amazed. Perhaps, flabbergasted! It will stretch you imagination to outer limits, and beyond.” Every word it true. And on the top of that, the man, Stan Law, is a poet! (BozenaH, Smashwords)
Amazon Book Reviews:
“»Gift of Gamman« is a great science fiction novel with wide range of different themes that make the book very dynamic and interesting to read – it has everything from science fiction to adventure, mystery, spirituality, suspense and a lot more – so everything what you expect from any good fantasy story. The author creates a future world and presents it to us in such a way that it really enables you to fly there. And that is only a beginning…
The story has interesting plot, great characters, dynamic happenings, surprises and overall, it is well written, entertaining, exciting and most important – it really draws you into it and takes you to a new world! I would highly recommend it to all fans of science fiction novels.” — Janja
“I’ve read sci-fi many times and after reading Gift of Gamman I am compelled to conclude that this author puts both the “sci” and the “fi” in sci-fi, in a highly original way that can’t possibly be duplicated. Where does Mr. Law continue to repeatedly and without end come up with such uniquely fresh perspectives, settings and characters? Read Gift of Gamman and then go back and start working your way through his other books, too. Undoubtedly a poet and quite obviously a dreamer and a thinker, Gift of Gamman is the latest mind-blowing literary roller coaster I’ve ridden from this author. John-Adam is a beautiful character and I was caught up in the astonishing heroics and depth of this character. I would love to think humanity has the future advancements and evolution described here ahead of us. Mr. Law’s exquisite tale is magical beyond the elements of plot, intrigue, humor and intellect he brings to the page because I finished this book wondering if what he describes here just might be possible. Thank you for the “crash cart” this book was to my imagination.” — M.L