The Captive: The Hologram Experience by Emma C. Holmes

This narrative is about a young woman Sherry a smart and crisp advertising supervisor employed by Silvertone Advertising Agency. She became captivated by a computer hologram while napping at her desk at work. When at first brushed the experience off as a revelation of her imagination then finds out later that this mystical character may not be out of her imagination at all. 

  The saga revealed the complicated lives of the office staff and then witnessed the complicated intriguing twist and turns of their lives which sweeps the reader into a tapestry of struggle and adulation folding into an exposition of fantasy and wonder in which the characters are being either held captive or has been captivated by life’s journey.

 When considering after months of hologram communication with Sherry, it was evident that her behavior changed; and consequently, these changes were revealed by her absences from work. The employees became suspicious of her secretiveness and strange behavior of her unusual outburst. Sherry had that far-away look in her eyes. Her well-kept secret started to affect her personal relationships. She avoided her fiancé’ and stopped having lunch with her friends at the office.   

   While communicating with the hologram his vernacular suddenly changed in the rapidity of articulation with extreme preciseness revealing that his being an entity that was not of this earth. The hologram answered many of Sherry’s questions. He explained that she was chosen to be visited by him.  Which was “An entity from another Universe.” Then defined his universal explanation of, Religion, Science, Parallel Universes, Quantum Physics, Mental Telepathy, and Mind Transference. Then learning the reality of Life on other planets. Sherry learned the ambiguity of the awarded hologram’s “Privilege Art.” 

   After months of training and communicating with the hologram it was now time for her astral travel with the enigmatic entity. 

The reader may wonder if Sherry was held captive; or if she was captivated by the… “Hologram Experience.”

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The Captive: The Hologram Experience by Emma C. Holmes is available at Audible and Amazon.