Interview with Tyler Granger, Author of Iowa Trouble

Digital Book Nook recently caught up with Tyler Granger, author of “Iowa Trouble” We are excited to share this insightful interview with our readers today. 

When did you first discover that you enjoy writing and wanted to become a published author?

After I graduated college with a degree in Political Science, I began working on a series of election and non-profit campaigns where I found myself writing more and more to adapt to the work environment. I have been active writing throughout my career but when the pandemic hit and I started working remotely, I began to write the stories of my life while also recording what was happening with the pandemic. 

What is your favorite and the most challenging aspect of writing?

My favorite part of writing was being able to record incredible stories that would have been lost to time without publishing. The most challenging aspect was the editing process, and having to revisit several painful memories over and over.

Tell us about your latest release.

“Iowa Trouble” is a real life political thriller mixed in with horror stories from the Iowa punk subculture to college football to corruption of the Iowa Caucuses. I wrote my book for an audience of one but also a cautionary tale for any readers wanting to explore Iowa politics. 

How did you come up with the title of your book?

“Iowa Trouble” was the first working title I started with and the name stuck. “Iowa Trouble” is somewhere in between the late great Congressman John Lewis’s phrase “Good Trouble” and regular trouble.

What do you hope readers are able to get from reading your story?

My first two editors dropped out of the project after the first two chapters as they said it was too graphic for them so I went without an editor and I do want to give a fair warning that the book is very graphic with stories of murder, rape, extreme violence, profanity, drugs & alcohol, and various gangster nonsense that may not be right for every reader. If you do like stories of morally gray men getting into mosh pits that turn into riots then this might be the book for you.

Who are some of your favorite authors?

Hunter S. Thompson has been a favorite author of mine throughout my life and has been a significant inspiration for me. An author I am currently reading and I really enjoy is Hallie Baur who wrote “Alternate Take” and I would highly recommend reading her novels. 

Do you have any advice for writers looking to get published?

My advice to writers is to write everyday, to find something to write about to practice your craft. There are so many great writing platforms that can make a difference in a writer’s career and my advice is to take the time and find the platform that best suits your writing.

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About the Author

Tyler Granger began writing his memoir for his infant daughter in 2020 in case anything were to happen to him, she would have a book of her father and family history. In 2022, he self published his memoir “Iowa Trouble” as a lifelong Iowan, the author chose to share his journey in his memoir “Iowa Trouble.” Granger’s memoir includes stories ranging from football to Warped Tour to working for the Obama campaign. He has a degree in political science from Northwestern College and has worked on a variety of political campaigns and non-profits across Iowa.

Iowa Trouble is available at Amazon in paperback and on Kindle.