Book Trailer Spotlight – The Accidental Road by Jodi Lea Stewart

Escaping an abusive homelife, Kat and her mother tumble into the epicenter of crime peddlers invading Arizona and Nevada in the 1950s. Stranded hundreds of miles from their planned destination of Las Vegas, they find themselves in a dusty town full of ghosts and tales, treachery and corruption. Avoiding disaster is tricky, especially when her social butterfly of a mother happens to resemble film star Marilyn Monroe. It’s not only embarrassing, but it might spell the downfall of their plan for a new life. Danger is everywhere, leading Kat to wonder if she and her mother took the accidental road of life or if it’s the exact right road to all they ever hoped for. My author info was submitted with the other trailers. I have won awards for all three of these novels. You will see them in the trailers, but let me know if you want to receive them as files to use on your blogs.

Watch the trailer below:

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Book Awards:

• *First-Place Winner, Fiction Adventure/Drama – 2021 New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards

• Top-Two Winner, Historical Fiction – 2022 Writerwerx Novel-Opening Contest

• Finalist, Fiction Cozy Mystery – 2021 New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards

The Accidental Road is available at Amazon.