Long Gone Tomorrow: The Complete Edition by Nick Bateman

A virus is raging across the planet.

A handful of survivors are trying desperately to stay alive.

Even if they survive, can their humanity survive as well?

What lines would you cross if your life was on the line? Would you be willing to put your trust in complete strangers if it meant you might live a little bit longer? Could you find the courage to fight your way through to the next day?

Follow the stories of a handful of survivors as they experience the fall of mankind and the brutality of a world without society and sorely lacking in humanity. The lines between right or wrong and good or evil get very blurry when your life is at stake with every move.

In a world quickly becoming devoid of both humans and humanity, survival at all costs is still a very steep price to pay.

Long Gone Tomorrow: The Complete Edition by Nick Bateman is available on Amazon in paperback, hardcover, and on Kindle.