The Star Stone: Book I by Greg Jones

Cast into the great ice prisons of Norderakk and Kalnerakk in the remote regions of the north and south, two immortals from ancient times are becoming free at last as their bonds of ice begin to melt. Long ago corrupted by power, they were locked away deep in the icy and remote regions of the world by the Twelve, and now they seek their revenge–or justice as they see it.

Meanwhile, in the quiet coastal town of Cornburn, an obscure circle of stone—the Twelve—stands overlooking the sea just as it has for millennia. Yet it is far, far more than appears to the eye, and in that, it is not alone. A young native of this sleepy town, Thengolis, thirsts for the excitement of travel, an unusual desire in his day. An unexpected encounter with a traveling beer merchant, Jangel Lampstone, gives him just the impetus he needs to set off on an adventure of epic proportions and undertake a stupendous mission, one it seems that he was destined to accept.

He must traverse sea and land to recover the long-lost Theleia Stone, a mysterious gemstone of astronomical power which regulates the power of the Twelve when positioned right in the centre of the circle of stone where it belongs. Only with its recovery can the Twelve once again harness their power to thwart the onset of a second Shadow Age more terrible than the first.

This is the first book in the epic Sage of the Star Stone.

The Star Stone: Book I is available at Amazon, Smashwords and Kobo.