Book Trailer Spotlight: The Adventures of Dr. Dorothy Jarrod, Volume I, The Oracle by Candace Hardin Littlejohn

Following a painful divorce Dr. Dorothy Jarrod, archaic language specialist, has accepted a secondary position in a far away, minor community college in order to escape her embarrassment at the betrayal of her ex-husband in her North Carolina hometown.

She is surprised as an invitation to join an archeological dig in Scotland presents itself just as life seems to be beating her down. Her old graduate school professor needs her language skills to try and decode some stone tablets, at least that is what he says.

She gets on the plane to a new life and adventure. She makes a friend in Jim Buchanan from Edinburgh. He is a civil engineer, yet there is more below the surface of his role in this new experience.

Along the way, people and events from the past start to appear in her dreams. The closer she gets to the meaning of the tablets, the more visions of the past intrude on her present life, sapping her strength.

Soon all will be revealed as Dorothy steps into power and control as the state of good and evil hangs in the balance.

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