Book Trailer Spotlight: Jazz Age Ambition by Candace Hardin Littlejohn

The Jazz Age was in full swing in 1929 New Orleans, Louisiana.

Parties were going on; the Speakeasies were hidden beneath the streets, if you had the password. Hair was bobbed, dresses were short and stockings rolled down. Homemade hooch flowed freely, against the law of the land.

None of this much mattered to Gwendolyn Hill, recent graduate from Loyola University. She is ready to take her rightful place in the family’s sugarcane operation.

The only fly in the ointment is her father.

He believes that women are purely for decoration. What is an ambitious, smart lady to do?

Unexpectedly, a possibility arises. For some mysterious reason, her mother decides to forgo the annual trip with her husband to Galveston Texas. Where the Commodities International meets annually to sell agricultural goods and compare notes on farm life.

Gwendolyn is to go in her place.

She feels sure that this is a somewhat subtle nod from her father. He is going to allow her to help with their farm, River Run. The plans are hatching in her mind as the festivities and merriment begins in The Grand Hotel by the sea.

What isn’t known is the corruption that has already invaded her life and is set to do further damage, if left unchecked. This devious undercurrent has her in its sights for its innocent pawn. Someone from her town has a nefarious scheme to fulfill.

Fate brings her to find a protector and ally in the son of a colleague of her father’s. He is the first one to take her hopes and dreams seriously. But will he be there when the moment is hot.

This triangle of good, evil and noble purpose with clash as everyone’s agenda collides and explodes.

Watch the trailer below:

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