Book Trailer Spotlight: Seven Secret Reasons by Rob Nelson, MS

This book is different

You’ll find nothing here about diet or exercise. No keto, paleo, supplements, superfoods or smoothies or workout recommendations. No promises of magic bullets that miss the mark, and somehow that’s your fault!

If you find yourself frustrated, exhausted and deeply discouraged in your struggle with weight, this book may be for you.

If you feel disgusted with your body, or hate yourself for being weak and undisciplined, this book is definitely for you!

Seven Secret Reasons is all about discovering and eliminating the reasons WHY you have a weight issue in the first place, so that getting to your ideal weight becomes effortless and inevitable.

Instead of endlessly trying to diet and exercise with discouraging results, you’ll learn how to put your weight loss on autopilot and get your life back. No more struggle.

This isn’t about self-hypnosis or positive thinking. No. You’ll learn something new. Something that actually works – an extremely powerful tool called EFT tapping which allows us to reset the subconscious mind.

Why the subconscious? Because it controls your appetite and metabolism, and it has its own agenda to keep you safe by keeping you heavy. This book is about changing its mind!

Tapping is an absolute game-changer and although it is scientifically grounded, the results seem almost magical. It’s probably unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. EFT is also easy to learn and you can get to work right away, changing your subconscious settings for weight.

This book isn’t just about understanding what’s wrong. The tapping scripts in this book are carefully designed to fix what’s wrong – not only to lose weight and keep it off effortlessly. But even more so, to live a happier, more successful and authentic life.

Watch the book trailer below:

Seven Secret Reasons is available at Amazon on Kindle and in paperback.