The Ukrainians: The Ultimate Fight for Freedom by Keifer

After rising through the ranks of the Ukrainian military at the tender age of fourteen, Alexi has amassed a territory along the Donets River by 1994, and quickly became a force to be reckoned with. But when his best friend, Dimitri, proved to be working for the Russian Mafia and using Alexi’s contacts for his own gain—including amassing his own territory—a war of revenge spanning generations begins.

Marina was sad that she had lost her father. The thought of marrying the rival territory leader brought some solace to her soul. Not only because it would bring peace to her land, but also because it gave her an opportunity to find the man that killed her father. Soon she discovers the plot to take over the land her father worked so hard for, as well as the betrayal of the man she really loves.

Years later, Marina escaped to San Francisco and tries to keep herself out of trouble. But she doesn’t succeed. She’s trailed by an assassin. Marina resolves to face her fears, even if it means she will be killed. Together with her new allies they travel back to Ukraine to seek revenge for her father’s death, only to find herself swept into a war, not just with the infamous Dimitri, but with Russia as well.

In order to defeat him, Marina must rise to the challenge and test her mettle against highly skilled killers. But even then, new secrets come to light that might put their entire operation at risk before it even begins.

Can Marina and her new friends overcome decades of lies and find the truth and bring peace to the region?

Or will their efforts start a war in Ukraine?

The Ukrainians: The Ultimate Fight for Freedom is available at Apple and Amazon.