The Synesthete by S.L. Michaels 

Download a copy on Kindle, January 12 -14 for only $.99!

For Alina LaRosa, what was supposed to be the start of a glorious new life at a new life at Ravenswood Academy quickly spirals into a disaster. Bullies, rich arrogant guys, and to top it off, she discovers she’s homeless!

With no one to turn to and nowhere to go until who should offer a helping hand but her teacher… Mister Thorburn?

To Nicolai Thorburn, Alina LaRosa was supposed to be just another student, but time spent living together caused his “professional ” façade to crumble… and one fateful day, in his sunset-drenched classroom, a very dangerous emotion was born. But how long can one man turn a blind eye to his heart?

Join Alina and Nicolai on this exciting journey full of thrilling twists and turns, as they navigate through the highs and lows of love, friendship, and school in a thrilling and thought-provoking story about the power of love and finding the courage to follow your heart.

About the Author: 

Debut Romance Author, S.L. Michaels, lives a happy quiet life in the forests of Northeast Florida, with her five-old-son. Nothing means more to her than her family and she cherishes every moment spent with them.

After a tragic heartbreak in 2011, S.L. Michaels turned to writing when a night-in with her family watching the movie Inception motivated her to write. Inspired, she took to writing Inception Fanfiction and her passion for writing has only continued to grow. 

She loves a good romance and enjoys falling in love with the characters and going on their journey with them. 

And this by far is her favorite journey so far.

The Synesthete is available at Amazon on Kindle and audiobook. Download a copy on Kindle, January 12 -14 for only $.99!