The Challenge of Discovering New Writers: SOLVED!

For whale readers, truly avid readers, finding a great author can be a challenge.

The volume of new books coming out is not the problem. It is how to find one you will be swept away by. And hopefully a new author who will continue to write many more!

The Writers of the Future is the answer!

This is a writing competition for new authors and artists. The judges are some of the giants in the genre, like Brandon Sanderson, Orson Scott Card, Nnedi Okorafor, Jody Lynn Nye, Larry Niven. Stories they select out of the thousands that get submitted, must be the best of the best.

I specially want to recommend Writers of the Future Volume 36. (it is a Kindle Daily Deal TODAY For $1.99! )

Here is the synopsis:

Sci-fi and fantasy of tomorrow . . .

. . . selected by masters of today.

Where can you find the hottest new talent all in one book?

Right here. This year’s winning stories include a diverse collection of brilliantly realized worlds of dystopian politics, magical realism, post-apocalyptic adventure, and romance, dark fantasy and more.

You’ll love this anthology because these writers push the boundaries—and break beyond them . . . these illustrators envision the impossible—and render it real . . . these stories challenge the way we see ourselves—and present the world in a new way.

Buy Writers of the Future Volume 36.

What you’ll find in the collection:

24 Award-winning Authors and Illustrators

Bonus short stories by: L. Ron Hubbard • Katherine Kurtz • Jody Lynn Nye • Nnedi Okorafor

Art and writing tips by: Echo Chernik • L. Ron Hubbard • Mike Perkins • Sean Williams

Edited by: David Farland

16-page color Gallery of Artwork

Cover art by: Echo Chernik

Bonus short stories:

“Borrowed Glory” by L. Ron Hubbard: For a single day of glory and the settlement of a dispute among immortals, a life can be a satisfactory price.

“The Green Tower” by Katherine Kurtz: The magic is strong in the Green Tower, and two young girls struggle to discover its secrets.

“The Phoenix’s Peace” by Jody Lynn Nye: The Phoenix has always been the guardian of Dembia. Now there’s trouble in the land, and mysteriously, the Phoenix has left two golden eggs.

“The Winds of Harmattan” by Nnedi Okorafor: A young woman seeks her destiny in the African winds of Harmattan.

Art and writing tips:

“The Illustrators of the Future Contest and the Art of This Anthology” by Echo Chernik: As a successful advertising and publishing illustrator, Contest Coordinating Judge, and art director, Echo gives the story behind the cherished art included in this anthology.

“Steps in the Right Direction” by L. Ron Hubbard: In this interview, Ron describes the practical philosophy and energetic disciplines he applied with such telling success to his own career as a professional author.

“Breaking In” by Mike Perkins: Marvel and DC artist for Captain America, Thor, and Spider-Man shares valuable advice for anyone wanting to make it as a professional artist and illustrator.

“Making Collaboration Work for You or Co-writing with Larry and Sean” by Sean Williams: New York Times bestselling author, provides insight on the pitfalls and advantages of collaborating with another author.

What about the winning stories?

A Word That Means Everything by Andy Dibble 

How does one interpret the most profound human concepts so that an alien can understand? 

A Prize in Every Box by FJ Bergmann 

Just what wonders or misery can a cereal box prize offer? 

A Prize in Every Box by FJ Bergmann 

The cereal-box toy looked like a TV remote, but the children discovered that it could fix anything, heal anyone—or change everything. 

Automated Everyman Migrant Theater by Sonny Zae 

Robo actors over-step their marks to win a spot in the Moto-Odeum theater tour and save their troupe. 

Educational Tapes by Katie Livingston 

Know there is nothing here to harm you. Only your choices. Only yourself. The educational tapes will prepare you for your choice, “I accept” or “I decline.” There are no other options. 

As Able the Air by Zack Be 

On the outskirts of a war zone scarred by endless conflict, a lonely landmine decommission expert struggles to connect with his nonhuman partner. 

Molting Season by Tim Boiteau 

An alien invasion leads to a suicide epidemic on Earth, and years later one of the survivors, a hotel clerk, struggles to make sense of the events and reconnect with the world. 

Catching My Death by JL George 

Whether you catch a good death or a bad one determines the course of your life, unless you find a way to break free of the cycle.

Foundations by Michael Gardner 

A house is supposed to protect its family, not turn on one of its own. 

Stolen Sky by Storm Humbert 

An artist leaves her home world to perform for humans across the galaxy, but finds that everything the humans have given her people may pale in comparison to what they’ve taken. 

The Trade by C. Winspear 

An alien visit to the International Space Station to provide a potential solution to climate change, for a price! 

Trading Ghosts by David Elsensohn 

A guilt-ridden cargo captain on a remote mining colony decides to help a fallen angel who desires to die. 

Yellow and Pink by Leah Ning 

Nathan Reed steals the opportunity to repeat his life and prevent his wife’s untimely death. 

Professional reviews:

“Solid short stories, each accompanied by a full-color illustration.”—Publishers Weekly

“So many talented writers and artists.” —Tangent Online

“The ʻBest of the Best.ʼ Unreservedly recommended.”  —Midwest Book Review


If you want to discover new authors, the hot fresh talent of science fiction, fantasy and horror, then get your copy.

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