Author Interview | Sandrian Nelson-Moon,”Restored: A Journey from Abuse to Deliverance”

Digital Book Nook recently caught up with Sandrian Nelson-Moon, author of “Restored: A Journey from Abuse to Deliverance.” We are excited to share this insightful interview with our readers today. 

When did you first discover that you enjoy writing and wanted to become a published author?

Initially I wouldn’t say I enjoyed writing honestly it became the one place I could release my feelings and that’s how and why I grew to love writing. For me it began because of molestation I encountered. I couldn’t tell anyone so I told myself, if that makes sense. 

What is your favorite and the most challenging aspect of writing?

Hmmm I believe my most challenging aspect was  at times having to maneuver how to market myself what to say there was so much to say but what do I reveal. 

Tell us about your latest release.

Restored is about my journey with abduction and sexual trauma. The book details what happened after being raped and asked by my abductor to be his girlfriend, how I negotiated my escape! In the book I talk about how I dealt with the trauma to become the productive person I am today and I give strategies that I used to overcome my pain. The book is a tool to help prevent others from being abducted and is a way to motivate others to get through their own trauma journey. 

How did you come up with the title of your book?

I was actually unsure of what to name it but the word restoration meant so much to me it resonated with my journey so I named it Restored

What do you hope readers are able to get from reading your story?

I pray readers find my openness about such a controversial issue refreshing I hope they connect with the story and that it helps others who have lived similar situations to find courage that they are not alone and that be motivated that they too can overcome it.

Who are some of your favorite authors?

Some of my favorite authors are:  Tony Morrison, Maya Angelou, Langston Hughes and Louis Bennett-Coverley 

Do you have any advice for writers looking to get published?

My advice would be no matter how hard writing seems if it is nothing it’s therapeutic. It’s transformational let it maneuver you to higher heights and greater peaks it is that powerful. Enjoy the process when you are finally at the pinnacle of publishing there is no greater feeling to see the fruits of your labor on those pages it will mean everything.

About the Author

A catalyst for change, Amazon best selling author, and abduction survivor, Sandrian Nelson-Moon MBA, is an author of sublime depth and emotion. A 6 time award winning elected community official, Transformational Speaker, Business & Life Coach. Mrs Nelson-Moon empowers and motivates women to embrace their past and aims to help individuals find their voice and purpose even after the pain through writing. The creator of the Write to Restoration book and course designed through her Inspire Life Academy to equip the masses to self-reflect on past trials, then write it out in order to find healing and restoration is ground breaking. Familiar with rising from the ashes herself Sandrian has delivered numerous empowering and motivational speeches and helped others to achieve their dream to publish a book. Sandrian is a native of Kingston, Jamaica but a current resident of Suffolk County NY, and is a public trauma advocate, Mom , wife, and future attorney. With a fierce passion for resurgence, when she speaks people listen with their ears, hearts and  souls because her transparency refreshingly transcends pretense.  She is a walking miracle that inspires many to find their God given talent and footing!! She can be reached at @coachsandrianspeaks &

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