A Very Lethal Intervention by T.S. Knight

This is a very timely book with a background focused on climate change, but a foreground focused on two young people, Hudson and Jamie, who grow up next to each other and are soon recognized savants, in software engineering and biophysics. They develop an innovative, globally popular video game, that soon gets away from them, technically, and takes on a sinister twist, that is good for the many but lethal for the few, presenting the two young developers with a moral dilemma. This occurs, at a time, when the two are developing romantic feelings, for each other. The stress of the dilemma, they face, is greatly reduced by a new friend, an older gentleman, of stunning demeanor, who is very “family” oriented and is quite adept at managing the type of “problems” the two face. He appears almost out of the ether and becomes a prominent part of their lives. Plots of climate change, technology, romance, murder and especially political and corporate power highlight the essence of the story and present the readers with a dilemma, of their own… I’m a good person, but… what would I do? Their answer may surprise the reader and be a cause for some soul searching.

A Very Lethal Intervention is available at Amazon on Kindle and in paperback.