6 Intrusions – Butterfly Defect by Jessica Lorenzi Conti

2122, the initial A reality that we know of our world and the history of our humanity was replaced by the septies reality as a result of the 7 parallels project which aimed to annihilate from our history 6 different key events. In this new reality, the result of the butterfly effect of 7 parallels, humanity no longer knows any war, any crime and any inequality.

This pacifist and tolerant civilization which lives in harmony with nature is however not an ideal world…because it does not know…art. Doesn’t a world at peace need escape from chaotic everyday life?
Is the human species therefore condemned to choose between art and peace?
Iconic artists from our reality A will be invited to go on a mission to alter an Intrusion Butterfly defect in order to rectify this world…one last time?…

6 Intrusions – Butterfly Defect is available at Amazon in Kindle and paperback.

Learn more about the saga and visit the authors website www.jessicalorenziconti.com for more information.