Don’t F*ck Up Your No-Budget Movie! by Ivan Peric

Don’t F*ck Up Your No-Budget Movie! is a simple guide to help anyone interested in becoming a filmmaker produce a film with no budget. The author uses his own experience to explain how filmmakers can use resources available in this digital era to produce quality low-budget films.  The book describes this process in detail throughout thirteen chapters: 

1. Plan Backward

2. Target Audience and Marketing

3. Distribution

4. Film Festivals

5. Locations

6. Editing

7. Sound

8. Color & VFX

9. Casting

10. Crew

11. Budget & Financing

12. A Script You Can Afford

13. Shoot The Damn Thing!

About the Author

Ivan Peric is an actor and producer of digital content. This is his first time as an author. His feature film “Too Tall” is available on Amazon Prime Video and many other platforms.  He lives in Montreal, Canada.  Follow Ivan at

Don’t F*ck Up Your No-Budget Movie is available at Amazon on Kindle, hardcover, and in paperback.