Annual Tax Mess Organizer For Self-Employed People & Independent Contractors by KiKi Canniff

The tax season is just around the corner, and with it comes a tax frenzy for the self-employed entrepreneur. This book is great for all self-employed people, and ends that tax frenzy for good. THE ANNUAL TAX MESS FOR INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS AND SELF-EMPLOYED PEOPLE is a basic book for all business entrepreneurs who are looking for a way to deal with their annual tax mess, without putting it all on the computer.  It has been updated.

It is easy to find someone to prepare a small-business return, but unless you know what the IRS expects, your tax return will never be accurate. Chances are, without this book you will not take all the deductions allowed. This book simplifies IRS tax laws as they apply to independently employed people, and teaches them a simple method for getting every tax deduction allowed. 

Learn what self-employed people can and cannot deduct, how to quickly sort receipts, document income, handle inventory, produce audit-proof records, and create a simple report with all of the numbers necessary to prepare a Schedule C tax return. Take the forms in this book to your tax professional, or use them to complete your own tax forms; instructions for preparing a Schedule C tax return are included in the book.


KiKi Canniff writes about the annual tax mess all small business people have at the beginning of each year. All her Annual Tax Mess books were just re-released with updates. These books are great for the small business owner’s coming tax season.

Although she is now retired, at the time she wrote the first edition of this book, KiKi was a licensed tax consultant. Now all updates are done by KiKi, but with current advice coming from active professionals in the field.

The author also writes specialized versions of this book for those in the Hair, Nail, Home Party or the Massage Industry, as well as one each for Builders, Writers and Artists, and those in the state-legal Cannabis/Marijuana Industry. All of these books were also updated as well as the basic book, and can also be found at Amazon.