Old Hippies Never Die: A Novel (The Chosen Family Book 2) by Quinn Charles

Old Hippies Never Die: A Novel (The Chosen Family Book 2) is available at Amazon on Kindle and in paperback. Download the Kindle version 11/26 – 11/30 for only $.99!

A lot has happened since hippies disrupted the world in the late ’60’s with their peace loving approach to life’s problems. In this novel, a group of old hippies tell how they lived then and now. Discover how pot, acid trips, the Vietnam War, marches, unplanned pregnancies and the life or death struggles affected Melanie’s, Penny’s and Candy’s lives today.

You’ll also learn what happens when an old hippie meets a modern hippie, and both groups work together to fix America’s problems.

Old Hippies Never Die is Book 2 in Quinn Charles’ Chosen Family Series. This is a group of novels written about the people we choose to become close to. Within its books you’ll discover the beginnings of friendships that last a lifetime, people bound together because their love for each other fills a void, and the people who become family, even to those who are close to their own birth family.