Cody’s Revenge and Other Stories by Richard Friedman

Seven stories containing 79,000 words. Two flash fiction, three short stories, a novelette, and a novella.

Teddy Zetgaard waited his entire life for this moment. The instant he laid eyes on his new office, he knew his time had come. There’s only one catch. Teddy remembers nothing before today. What happens next is a mixture of confusion, chaos, and wonder.

A horrific collision at home plate abruptly ended Evan Fahey’s baseball career and changed his life forever. A car wreck leads him to the hidden village of Devil’s Claw, Ohio. Evan must use all his wits to escape the town’s owner: none other than Satan himself. All Evan has to do is win a baseball game to gain freedom for the villagers. Let the game begin!

The prosecutor summons his witnesses and exposes tales of atrocities and horror. The defendant believes what he did was for the greater good of every member in his crew. Innocent or guilty, the jury measures the fate of one man against the extinction of an entire planet.

Harrison Delp, owner of the cruise ship Miss Molly, takes the world’s most influential and affluent people to the edge of the world as he showers the super elite with lavish gifts and four days of luxury-all in anticipation for what Delp sold as a seminal event in human history.

An alien armada heads towards Earth. The world holds their collective breath as circumstances force United States President Robinson to attack the alien fleet with every nuclear weapon at his disposal, or roll out the welcome mat and hope for the best. The fate of humanity clings in the balance.

Eddie Kaplinsky is Encyclopedia Britannica’s all-time number one sales agent. The happiest day of his life was when Maria Rossi agreed to be his wife. All fairy tales do not have a happy ending. The forces of the universe have one more surprise in store for Eddie.

Cody McBee is a broken man. He’s just lost his job as a literary agent. He’s a pacifist, and a failed writer. His wife leaves him and takes their twin daughters across the country to live with her sister. Lee Ray Hensley, a self-proclaimed brilliant author, commits an unspeakable crime. Cody sets out on a path for revenge.

Richard Friedman writes about the dangers of climate change and global warming. In this collection, Richard reaches out to other genres. You can find his novels Escape to Canamith,The Two Worlds of Billy Callahan and his first short story collection, A Climate Carol and Other Stories. Check out his environmental podcast, A Breath of Fresh Earth.

Cody’s Revenge and Other Stories is available at Amazon on Kindle and in paperback.