The Ethical Persuader: Get More by Thomas Trautmann

How to Get More Without Being Called “Manipulative – Inject some brain science into your Toolkit.

If you want to get more in both your professional and personal life, this is the most important-book you’ll ever read!

Now, if you are thinking… yeah right. Most important book for my professional and personal life?
I’ve heard it all before. Why makes this different?

SIMPLE! Because this is the first and only book you will read that is using the latest Neuro science compiled for you in truly actionable & understandable tips and tools. This stuff really works!
Whether you are at the top of your game or need some improvements, injecting some science into your thinking and your approach – is the Game Changer you need!

The science, methods and its real life applications present in this book have been carefully curated so you can start changing your life today. The Ethical Persuader System is now here.

This 7 step system will help you Get More in the most Ethical way!
Backed by brain science, converted in usable and actionable techniques & strategies, you now have the power to Get More . 

Whether you are in Sales, Marketing, PR, Operations, Digital, Creative, R&D… for someone else’s company or your own…this is the book that will change the game for you forever.

This is the ultimate book to Ethical Persuasion- 7 steps of the system:

– Step #1 The Optimal Client Strategy
– Step #2 The Ethical Persuasion Formula
– Step #3 The “WHY” creator
– Step #4 The Tribe Builder
– Step #5 The Brain Friendly Speaker
– Step #6 The Primal Selling
– Step #7 The Value Ladder Strategy