Shut Down Kids: How to Prevent Kids from Shutting Down by Luqman Michel

This book heralds a new line in thinking why the illiteracy rate has been maintained at the same level for decades.

It’s easy to blame the child as if he were the problem, and not the failure of instruction.

There is a basic foundation for teaching that has to be in place for learning to occur. For learning to occur one needs to master the first R – Reading without which the other two R’s (wRiting and aRithmetics) are difficult to attain.

The bottom line is that illiteracy has remained the same throughout the years because of wrong teaching methods.

Once a kid has already disengaged because of being confused, fun and encouragement and motivation will not work. This is why illiteracy level has not come down in more than 30 years.

Educators have tried everything except tackling the root cause of why kids disengage from learning to read in the first place.

This book tells exactly why kids shut down from learning to read.

This book tells you how to prevent kids from disengaging from learning to read.

When ideas from this book are implemented illiteracy will be eradicated.

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