How To Self-Publish While In Between Jobs by Dwayne F. Jones

This Ebook is a ‘How To’ book which will show people who are working many hours that it is possible to publish a book while in the middle of doing so. It will also show you what you need to do, as well as, what you will be experiencing while trying to do this. You may not experience what I have experienced, but if you do, this book will give you a streamlined process which may make it easy for you. ‘How To Self-Publish While In Between Jobs’ is taking you by the hand and walking you through the obstacles of self-publishing.

If you ever want to do something with a story that you have written which is wasting away, set aside because you don’t know how to take that extra step to show the world just what you have written, then this is the book for you. Make your vision and make your dream come true…navigate your life…read.

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