Diesel Therapy: A John Grimaldi Novel by A.D. Wenk

Hadec minimum security prison isn’t the type of place where violence occurs and it certainly isn’t the type of place where anything remotely exciting ever happens. That is, until the Warden is faced with several very mysterious deaths inside the prison that point to the work of either an inmate seeking retribution or a disgruntled prison employee.

Enter Special Agent John Grimaldi who would rather be dealing with cars at his Muscle Car
restoration and repair business than be sent undercover to prison to flush out a lunatic amongst criminals.

As Grimaldi starts to zero in on the killers real identity he realizes that things are not what they seem at Hadec prison. Can he identify and apprehend the killer before he becomes the next victim…

Read Diesel Therapy to find out and check out John Grimaldi in his next adventure,
Street Therapy, coming soon.

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