6 Beautiful and Relaxing Places to Read a Book

Happy Friday! It’s almost time for the weekend to start and a great time time to kick back, relax and read a good book. Here are six beautiful pictures I stumbled across of comfy and relaxing places to read a book. Enjoy!

1. A Countryside Escape

A comfy rocking chair, beautiful rolling hills, and the soft smell of grass and wildflowers in the cool morning breeze makes this a very comfy spot to read a book.

2. Inner City Oasis

A small quiet spot inside of a city apartment. Rain and loud sirens may be outside, but inside it is quiet. All sounds are muted, except for the soft tapping of rain against the window. A cozy chair in the corner of this quiet space makes this a great place to read a book.

3. Sunny Day on the Lake

Lying outside, stretched out on a chaise lounge by the lake, feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin, the songs of birds flying by, and the soft ripple of water in the near distance, makes this a very relaxing place to read a good book.

4. Book Nook for Two

Why read alone? This cozy space for two has enough room for two people to curl up in their own comfy chair and enjoy a good book in this small, brightly colored, happy space.

5. Secret Garden

A cozy chair, privacy fence, and the intoxicating smell of roses, peonies, daisy’s or any of your favorite flowers is sure to create a peaceful and serene space to read a book.

6. Front and Center

Nothing says summer like kicking back and sitting on the front porch to pass the time away. The front porch is a great place to read. Instead of just watching your neighbors drive by, this idea of bringing your bookshelf on the front porch to catch up on your reading is ingenious.

Hope you enjoyed this list of great spaces to read. Now go find your own little book nook to read in this weekend!