Interview with Kristin Anderson Cetone, Author of "Buckaroo Buckeye: A Little Nut with Big Dreams"

Reading and Writing Addiction was able to catch up with Kristin Anderson Cetone, Author of “Buckaroo Buckeye: A Little Nut with Big Dreams.”   We are excited to share this insightful interview today with our readers.
When did you first discover that you enjoy writing and wanted to become a published author?
I always felt more comfortable with expressing my thoughts and words in writing from a very young age.  It wasn’t until I was nearing the end of my classroom career as a Reading Specialist that I discovered the next stage moving forward for me, was to become an author and put my thoughts to paper, and develop my own unique, special character with a special message for children and their parents.  What is that message?  Well, I guess you will have to read the book to see what the words say to you and your children.
What is your favorite and the most challenging aspect of writing?
My favorite aspect of writing is sharing stories that others can relate to.
My most challenging aspect of writing is the editing.  It is hard sometimes to let go of the reins and accept a second opinion on your story and words.  
Tell us about your latest release. How did you come up with the title of your book?
My latest release, is a trilogy series of three stories, based on my original story release of Buckaroo Buckeye-A Little Nut with Big Dreams.  The three stories are part of my first series entitled ‘The Tree in Me’ and dedicated to three inspirational women from my buckeye family tree.  Book-Eye Buckeye-A Journey of Learning; Bauble-Brite Buckeye-A Simply Marble-Us Adventure; and Yum-Nutty Buckeye-Aunt Jeannie’s Best are the titles.
What do you hope readers are able to get from reading your story?
My focus for all my writings is to inspire and encourage children, especially struggling readers, and to empower their parents to nurture and guide them on their life journey of self-discovery and path to reading success.  Buckaroo Buckeye is my name…family and literacy is my game.
Who are some of your favorite authors?
There are so too many fabulous children’s book authors for me to list.  I like authors who write inspirational stories of encouragement and provide life lessons for overcoming the bumps and bullies, and setbacks, encountered along our life journeys of self-discovery.  I particularly like when authors use a cute and familiar animal or another creature to get this message across.  Children love relatable stories with interesting and inspirational characters.
Do you have any advice for writers looking to get published?
I can only advise from a ‘self-published’ author perspective.  I chose this route because I feel very strongly in the premise for my stories and wanted to be able to maintain this along with being able to bring my visions for the illustrations to life.  Now, you do have to be prepared to listen to input from others however, along this road to publication.  Even self-published authors should have a second opinion from a qualified editor, and then be willing to loosen the reins and make the changes.  The most crucial aspect of getting published as a self-published author is the marketing.  Social media marketing can be difficult.  Know your target audience and reach out to them through social media platforms.  Establish a local presence for your book.  Again, by knowing your target audience, you can find the audiences that would be interested in purchasing your book and have you present at author events.  Getting your name and product out to those who would be interested in your story is the biggest challenge for self-published authors and takes some detective work.  You might even need to enlist the services and fees of a marketing service.
I am not discounting traditional publishing houses.  If you have enough determination and perseverance, this may be the way for you.  It is extremely difficult however because there will be far more rejections that acceptances.  Do your research and follow their submission guidelines to the letter.  Be prepared that  If you are accepted, you will have to adhere to their editing demands and you have no control over the illustration of your work.  The publishing house will develop all according to their own panels.  This works for many people though.  It could possibly be your route to a best-seller.  It can be quite the roller-coaster ride so hang on.
Kristin Anderson Cetone was born in Dayton, Ohio before putting down roots in the Arizona desert.  Nourished by family memories, education, life experiences, and a desire to teach others, Cetone discovered her special place—just like Buckaroo Buckeye did.  Although “Buckaroo Buckeye” grew out of her life’s journey the author’s true calling is helping others become successful readers, so she became a Reading Specialist.  But this nut didn’t fall far from the family tree!  In the early 1900s, her grandmother was a one-room schoolhouse teacher in rural Ohio.   She loved teaching children and dedicated her life to helping them learn, especially those who struggled.   She was not paid much, received no fame, and very few awards.  Her highest reward was the joy of watching her students achieve. Their smiles and hugs meant more than money or fame. It was her calling, and she taught until she was seventy years old!  Her legacy transcended her career as her influence branched out to her grandchildren and great grandchildren.  Cetone’s  joy, now, is helping everyone find the Buckaroo Buckeye in THEMSELVES! 
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