Book Review: Adult Activity Book Coloring and Puzzles

Book Description:

Get the best of both worlds!  Adult coloring is the latest rage combined with fun puzzles for adults featuring coloring, mazes, crossword, word search, word match and word scramble this adult activity book is filled with 40 relaxing activities!

This adult activity book combines stress relieving and calming coloring activities with puzzles that challenge your mind and critical thinking skills for hours of fun!

The book’s activities include: 25 coloring pages and puzzles(crossword puzzles, dot to dot, Sudoku, mazes, word scrambles and word searches.)  There are fun and engaging activities for all skill levels in this book from beginners to advanced. Perfect for travel, birthdays, holiday gifts and when you want to get away from your technical gadgets and just relax!

My Review:

I am not into the adult coloring book craze, but I was intrigued when I was contacted by the publisher about reviewing this adult activity book.  I remember activity books when I was a kid and I loved them, so I don’t know why I was so surprised to feel a sense of warm nostalgia when I opened up the package and saw this beautiful book.  The colors on the cover were bright and inviting and the coloring pages and puzzles on the inside weren’t insulting childlike images and games branded as “adult”. I had the book with me at work during my lunch break happily working on a word search puzzle and from nowhere my coworkers swooned in to look at my book.  Everyone wanted to know where did I get it blah, blah, blah. I almost couldn’t believe how much conversation and excitement this book evokes except…. I am like a child again.  I’m obsessed with this book. A cup of hot tea and my adult activity book have now become the way I relax at the end of the day!  I no longer take it to work… its all mine; but, I’ll tell you like I told my co-workers.  If you want one its available online!

Amy Spencer

More adult activity books information available at the authors website.