Book Review: Happiness No Matter What!: The Essential Seven Principles Program for a Happy You by Monica Belizan

Book Description:

If you ever wonder why happiness is so elusive, why it doesn’t last, why it shows up so sporadically regardless of all you do and of how much you wish to attain it, the good news is that deep and lasting happiness can be yours. Within these pages Monica Belizan shares a clear and enjoyable Program that will lead you to understand what happiness is in all its depth, and, even more importantly, it will teach you how to merge with it and live from it.

The Program is deceptively simple. One Principle a week, practiced a few minutes a day, begins the journey to a more peaceful, joyful, creative version of yourself.

Each Principle illuminates the path to your true core. And the practices that follow them instill in you new consciously chosen habits that lay down an immutable foundation of happiness in you.

Book Review:

A powerful life changing read! In this well written and interesting book, Belizan discusses seven guiding principles and gives some excellent tips that will help the reader toward the goal of happiness in life.  While some of the points the author makes may not be new to every reader, she does approach these topics from a fresh perspective. I really love the simple but powerful concept she suggests of implementing one principle per week to begin the journey of creating a more joyful life.  Although, happiness is a universal desire that seems to elude people searching for it, this book will help readers begin the process of creating the happy life they desire.  I highly recommend!

Reviewed by Sarah Holloway, Blogger, Indie Book Reviews and News

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