The Deceitful Heart by James Godfrey

We live in such a digital age. Our lives are recorded on everything from social media to store surveillance cameras. Where would a highly trained assassin and the head of a criminal organization hide in plain sight? The answer is rather unconventional and obscure. They would hide within the confines of the adult industry. Fans of adult industry performers are more concerned and focused on their industry personas. Never venturing into the reality of who they really are. These performers could easily conduct business as usual with absolutely no interference or prying eyes into their personal affairs. Well, that was true until now.

The murder of a new and upcoming Miami DJ known as DJ Ice. He was murdered one evening after a concert with his family only a few feet away. DJ Ice is a man that is known as a loving husband, beloved friend, and aspiring musician with a revolutionary vision. Who would want him dead? This is what Sgt. James Travers of the Metro-Dade Homicide Unit is going to find out. Yet, this case is not like any case that he has ever investigated before. The case is entwined with his past as a Navy Seal Sniper and a challenging past with adult performer Samantha Jamison. As the case progresses, Sgt. Travers begins to realize that nothing is as it seems. The truths that are uncovered in this case. They challenge him to the very core of his moral being. As the body count begins to rise, the lies being told, and the discovery of a new unstoppable bio-weapon raises the stakes. Sgt. Travers finds himself bound by a promise to protect someone that he loves dearly at all costs. What does Sgt. Travers do when the promise conflicts with his mission to serve justice?

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