Book Review: Your Guide to Skin Cancer With Case Illustrations: Detection Treatment Prevention and Rejuvenation by Dr. Richard J. Climie

Book Description:

Are you concerned about a lump on your face that has been bleeding? Do you find that your skin is still getting burned even if you use sunscreen? Are you unsure of your child’s moles- whether they are normal, should you get them checked? And what about the scaly sores on your fathers scalp that seem to be increasing? Have you had a friend or heard of a young person who has died from malignant melanoma? Would you like to know about creams that can reverse sun damage, protect your skin from further sun damage, and make you look younger at the same time?

Your Guide to Skin Cancer with Case Illustrations has been written by Dr Richard Climie, an experienced Family Physician from Tasmania, Australia. He has spent over 20 years treating patients of all ages with skin cancer. Dr Climie uses cases taken from his own patients to demonstrate how he has diagnosed and treated skin cancer. And he discusses important, clinically proven ways for you to prevent skin cancer from developing, beyond the usual sunscreens and “covering up”.

My Review:

A useful, informative, easy-to-read book that is a must have for anyone who has skin cancer or loved ones affected by skin cancer.  Climie goes into depth describing the types of skin cancer, various symptoms and treatment options.  This book also contains interesting images of different types of skin cancers from ones that we typically are alerted to the possibility of being cancerous like moles to those that we may never think about getting checked out by a doctor like a brown streak on a toenail.  I found the author’s discussion on prevention through a holistic approach of involving diet and lifestyle to be insightful as well.  Throughout the book Climie uses case studies that readers will find relatable and he has written this reference guide in a way that can be easily understood and quickly read by the average person.  This is an excellent book for everyone to read to become more aware about skin cancer.  I think it would be particularly beneficial for those who have been recently diagnosed and searching for information about current treatments and options to combat this disease.

I highly recommend this book for those seeking more knowledge about skin cancer for themselves and their loved ones!

Reviewed by Sarah Holloway

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