Book Review: Avalon: Companions (Avalon Series Book 1) by Andy Free

Book Description:
Avalon: Companions is a love story and a mystery. Avalon is an alternate world to Earth, a sister world that only a few can reach. Those few are the “Hidden Folk” of Icelandic legend, an ancient and secretive race with beginnings far back in Earth’s prehistoric times. Their long history has entwined with ours for thousands of years, spawning many myths and fanciful stories. 
Avalon: Companions is a story of conflict between peoples driven by an ancient hatred and terrible fear that has never been appeased. Dan Monroe and Claudia Chantal race to save humanity from a deadly threat, a virus far more dangerous than the Black Death plague virus.
Time is running out. The virus is already here on Earth, seeded by a faction of the Hidden Folk that is highly skilled in the darker side of genetic engineering. They tried to exterminate humans one time before. We call that attempt the “Black Death.” It killed 20% of Earth’s population. Only desperate effort by allies among the Hidden Folk kept the death toll that low. The new virus is considerably more lethal. Even now it is spreading swiftly. This is the infectious phase, with only minor symptoms that soon pass. Then the virus goes into a waiting phase. When triggered, the pandemic will be 100% fatal. The clock is ticking…
My Review:
Gripping and action packed! If you enjoy speculative fiction like I do there’s a lot to like about this story that will keep you on the edge of your seat.  The author has woven history and imagination together to create a past, present, and future that leads the reader on an unusual, yet somehow believable journey of the “Hidden Folk” and Earth’s sister world, Avalon.  Well-developed memorable characters fill the pages of this alternative reality, easy to read, story with interesting and unexpected twists and turns.  The first installment of this science fiction thriller definitely leads the way to a promising sequel! A highly recommended read!
Reviewed by Sarah Holloway

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