Dubai, 1 City 2 Different Tales by Northern Empress

You will instantly be taken to the other side of the world because this book offers an extraordinary glimpse into unjust, cruelty and suffering in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

These factual short story collections allow you to witness the torment, sexual assault, bizarre murders, abandoned babies and life in the Middle East, besides unusual and humorous ones.

The narratives you are going to read gives you a rare chance to see how each compelling true story unfolds. I compiled these incredible accounts for 3½ years while living there with my spouse.

I’m passionate about sharing this insight as nothing is what it pretends to be in Dubai, the city of gold. For you, I’m confident you will be horrified and can take away how lucky you are to have what you have and to live where you do.

Never before has anyone had access to reveal so many inside secrets. Tap into the Middle East on the other side of the world to take a look!

Dubai, 1 City 2 Different Tales by Northern Empress is available at