Selling America By The Pound by Gilber Peter Ostler

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Canadian Author Pens New Political Novel Based on a Donald Trump Style Character Who Wins the White House! Selling America By The Pound Author: Gilbert Ostler
Oshawa, Canada- Canadian author and political junkie, Gilbert Ostler, sends you on a  roller coaster ride in his new novel “Selling America by the Pound”, which is based on a “Donald Trump”  styled character who was recently elected president of the United States. The story begins with recent Republican President, Jason Pound III and his psychological need for acceptance and extreme hatred for North Korea, Russia and Isis. The riveting novel hurls the reader along his journey to become the greatest President in history.

Gilbert’s fascination for the American political system played a huge role in the creation of this novel “…I have always been intrigued by the American political system, as our elections only last 2 months. Therefore, we do not learn as much about our candidates. Donald Trump is such a polarizing figure; you either love him or hate him. I thought it would be a good place to start if I fashioned a character like Trump in some ways. People can identify with his flawed character. But in the end the protagonist (Jason Pound III) gets what he wants and more.”

Jason’s first retaliation that sent his poll numbers through the roof was an attack against North Korea after they nuked the Hawaiian Islands, destroying Oahu and leaving the remaining islands uninhabitable. Meanwhile, terrorist attacks in the United States result in a portion of the White House being blown up. Amongst combating terrorists and Isis, the reader is also following along the drama in Jason’s personal life. His unfaithfulness is not surprising news to the First Lady, as she has known the whole time and seeks revenge. Ending with the opportunity for a sequel, the First Lady attempts to murder the President by shooting him. However, the reader is left with a cliff hanger; is the President dead or just wounded? Will he be able to seek his own revenge on his wife and achieve the title of the Greatest President in history?

This novel is a guaranteed to keep the reader at the edge of their seat. A perfect summer read in this heated Presidential Election season.

About the Author:

Gilbert Ostler is a music teacher / musician from Oshawa, Canada. He has been writing for many years.  He is a political junkie who loves following politics, either in his homeland Canada or in the US. Ostler enjoys the creative aspect of writing stories or songs in his spare time or when inspiration hits. “Selling America by the Pound” is his first published novel.

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