Dog Gone by Diane Moat

Samantha Holden is camping with her boyfriend in a remote area of Tennessee when she discovers the body of a dog. The animal has been brutally tortured and killed, and Sam is incensed by its senseless death-and the apparent disinterest of the local police. She resolves to learn more about saving animals in distress but soon realizes that this can be a frustrating business as her efforts are constantly hampered by endless rules and red tape. In desperation, Samantha turns to crime in her efforts to tackle those who harm and abuse animals, while never losing her focus of finding the man who killed the dog she found. Assisted by a gorgeous “fence,” a social media guru who spends her life indoors, and a retired gangster, Sam follows her instincts with an undeterred and unrelenting fortitude until she finally tracks down the heartless killer and faces him in a final reckoning. Dog Gone is a satisfying adventure for animal lovers everywhere.

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