Into the Light- Book One of the Shadow Trilogy by Tara Marks

If you had the ability to change someone’s fate would you?

This is precisely the dilemma Jenna Murphy faces; after all, she is by definition, the epitome of exceptional. Not only is she unusual, but she is also more powerful beyond anyone’s imagination, including her own.

Jenna knows that life will be different for her last year of classes in the dull, rural high school that she attends. However, she is unaware that her future is shaped by a sequence of events that were put in place long before she was ever born.

The Shadow Trilogy begins with Into the Light and Jenna’s contact with Gabriel, a mysterious and perplexing stranger. A series of bizarre incidents begin to occur, leading to the discovery of her ability to move objects with her mind. Psychokinesis is not her only gift, and the reveal of each one has her asking questions that Gabriel refuses to answer.
Determined to find out what her life purpose is and understand how Gabriel fits into it, Jenna decides that she must go back to 18th Century England to change Gabriel’s fate, not understanding that it will dramatically alter their lives forever.

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