Spiritual Prophecy 1: Rajuna by Ishan Gaura


Tortured by destitute feelings, and a longing to glorify his human father, the superhuman warrior, Rajuna, embarks on a trip to meet the gods. Battling off many demons, he eventually learns of a curse that caused both his father and his father’s brother to fall from Heaven. His father was banished to Earth, while the brother was banished to the lower regions and became a powerful demoniac warrior who would lead an army to oppose the heavenly beings. With the explosive Titan warriors growing year by year, dark forces begin to rule the lower heavens. Both Heaven and Earth are in imminent danger, but a prophecy gives the angels hope. In the darkest hours of helplessness, a savior will rise up from the Earth. The gods empower the half angel, half human warrior Rajuna, and charge him with a mission to destroy the most powerful and evil Titan ever—his father’s brother.

Spiritual Prophecy 1: Rajuna by Ishan Gaura is available at Amazon.com.

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