My Teacher The Secret Superhero by K. O’Reilly

Have you ever wondered what a superhero does when they are not saving the world?

Do you think they have a day job?

Or could it be that they live ordinary lives just like us, having everyday jobs, doing the laundry and walking the dog?

Parker and Charlie don’t wonder about that anymore. They know! They know because they have seen him in action! Their teacher, Mr Morgan, is a superhero.

On a normal day, on their way home from school, the boys witness a cat being saved from a roof. From that day on they make it their mission in life to prove that the person who saved the cat is none other than Mr Morgan.

Each day, as they carefully follow him, they witness more and more acts, which lead them to believe that he is what they think.. A SECRET SUPERHERO!

It seems obvious to the two friends, but there are doubters. The suspicious Keegan follows them as they follow Mr Morgan, intent on proving that they are telling lies.

Will Keegan ever believe them? Is Mr Morgan really the superhero they think he is? Turn the pages and find out in this 3 in 1 book.

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