Ruby Dusk by Lyra Tucci

Ruby was just 10 years old when she witnessed her father’s murder and the kidnapping of his assistant. Now, the 20 year old Ruby hunts “vamps” the vampire-like people infected with a virus that makes them age slowly, have super-human strength, be able to influence others, and, most importantly, causes them to drink human blood. But when someone from her past shows up and tells her she’s in danger, Ruby doesn’t know if he’s really there to protect her or to kill her.

Set on the backdrop of Brisbane, Australia, Ruby Dusk follows the always sarcastic and tough-as-nails Ruby Norcroft as she does what it takes to survive and protect those that she loves. This fun, Australian vampire story is a non-stop ride from beginning to end, full of characters that you’ll love to love and love to hate.

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