New Retirement Rules: Strategies for Succeeding in the Coming Economic Collapse by Dennis Tubbergen

The title of this book, “New Retirement Rules™; Strategies for Succeeding during the Coming Economic Collapse” reflects my views of the inevitable outcome of today’s economic conditions.

Parts of this book may shock you.

The premise of this book is that where we are headed economically speaking is predictable. Economic cycles and money cycles have existed for 2,500 years. I have concluded from my study of economic history that where we are today economically speaking and where we go from here is as predictable as the sun rising and setting each day.

Other parts of this book may anger you.

From my experience, most rendering advice to clients in the financial industry are totally unaware of these cycles. Financial professionals are not required to have even a cursory knowledge of economics in order to practice much less what kind of advice to give to clients depending on where we find ourselves in these economic cycles.

I hope other parts of this book help you “connect the dots” and understand why today’s economy feels different.

Today’s economy is best explained by economic and money cycles. I will provide you with evidence of these cycles at various times historically and demonstrate to you conclusively these cycles repeat themselves time and time again largely because the collective group of politicians and policymakers have made the same decisions throughout history when faced with the same set of economic circumstances. While you have probably always felt human behavior was somewhat predictable, this book will prove it to you beyond any doubt.

Mostly though, I hope this book will provide you with specific strategies you might consider to protect yourself from the coming economic collapse as well as prosper from it.

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