BROWNIES by Craig Hillman

Brownies is the riveting tale of an ex-convict who, against all odds, took back control of his future and blazed a path toward success. Newly paroled, Sean is unceremoniously released from a North Carolina prison one morning in August 1993. His initial plans to live with his grandfather quickly change when he impulsively boards a flight to reconnect with old friends. With no real direction, no job and no money, Sean figures he’ll end up picking up where he left off, dealing. But life has a surprise in store he doesn’t see coming.

When he is inadvertently introduced to the unforgiving yet seductive world of real estate, it ignites an interest that quickly turns into a hunger Sean will do anything to satisfy. Soon he’s wrapped up in the seedy back alleys of territory disputes, unscrupulous rent control tenants, shady city employees and the over-the-top things investors will do to have it all.

Told with gritty, passionate prose, Brownies candidly captures the entrepreneurial spirit and determination of one young man’s journey to the top of the real estate game in New York City.

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