The House Of Wolves by Craig Steven

Frank and Alice are driving toward Las Vegas, their plans of eloping slowly becoming a reality. With their best friends in tow, they’re in the middle of Utah when exhaustion takes over and they’re forced to stop at an enormous Bed & Breakfast that could pass for a luxury hotel. What appears to be a blessing, however, is soon seen for what it really is, leaving Frank and Alice fighting tooth and nail just to make their own wedding.

This story was originally published with Devolution Z Magazine in October, 2015.

Also featuring the short story “A Bleak Outlook.”

“Craig Steven is that rare combination of talent and skill acquired early. His fiction is dark and evocative, searing images of violence and redemption in the soft tissue of your brain. His is a promising voice, all the better because of his clear dedication to getting the details right.”
-Zachary Jernigan, author of “No Return”

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