SUBAM: Subam 2020 by Joseph Adama

Subam takes place within a alternate reality within the all to near future, it’s the year 2020 when  a charismatic leader arises after a great crisis shocks America causing new levels of fear ,this new and upcoming politician is soon overwhelming  accepted by the people who are more than willing to give away their individualism for the collective safety of all. Though not long after this new found saviour is sworn to office his motives soon turn dark as the people now must face this radical and deadly change.   Subam follows the lives of 17 people while trying to adjust to this new world,   fighting and struggling just to stay alive in a world no longer theirs. Just as our survivors of this man made fascist apocalypse begin to adjust to this new way of life their faced with something far worse.
Subam is a political science fiction thriller originally written by Joseph Adama, and later Co written by Ivan Валентйн.

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