Unsound: A Horizons Book by Ashley Summers

Julie Thompson has hit rock bottom. At least she hopes her life can’t get any worse. As the police car drives her to Washington, over a thousand miles from home, she realizes her life will never be the same. Torn between relief at escaping her old life and the unwavering guilt over her life choices thus far, Julie is forced into the safety of Horizons where she’ll inevitably face the demons inside of her.

The moment Julie steps into Jon Scott’s line of vision, he feels the connection. He finds himself innately drawn to this broken, beautiful girl. After a year at Horizons, a therapeutic boarding school for teens, Julie may be the replacement addiction in his life. Jon is strong, stubborn, and a bit of a hothead but is is he up to the challenge of unmasking all of Julie’s deepest secrets?

Julie and Jon, along with the other troubled teens in the group, battle with addiction and depression brought on by their past experiences. Each student is troubled and flawed but through interactions with one another, they slowly learn to heal. When you’re living in the middle of nowhere in Washington State, sometimes, the only place to look is within yourself.

Unsound: A Horizons Book by Ashley Summers is available at Amazon.com.