I Married a Green Eyed Monster by Rebecca Allen-Bryant

A young inner city girl had aspirations of becoming a high powered attorney and nothing was going to get in her way. She came from a loving and supportive family that sheltered and catered to her every need. She met and fell in love with a young man in college who she felt was the man of her dreams. They both had the same aspirations but things started to get sour when doors began opening up for her and not for him. Being young and in love for the first time she did what any young woman would do, she did everything she could to please her man. This story takes a tragic turn when the husband becomes obsessed and jealous of his wife’s success. This book is a MUST HAVE for young women with desires and aspirations to succeed but get sidetracked by a jealous or abusive mate.

· Never allow anyone distract you from achieving your goals.
· Pay attention to warning signs we all have a spirit of discernment.
· Always listen to that inner voice and the feelings in your gut that tells you when something is wrong.

You will make mistakes along the way but, learn from them and keep it moving. Remember love isn’t physical or mentally abusive nor controlling if you are in a situation where you are afraid, leave immediately and get some help. CHOOSE NOT TO BE A VICTIM!!

I Married a Green Eyed Monster by Rebecca Allen-Bryant is available at Amazon.com.